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Mobile DVR upgrade version
What are the advantages of our Mobile DVR?
1. Power off protection.
Built-in super capacitor to avoid abnormal power loss and disk damage

2.Intelligent power management
Support intelligent power management identification, low power auto short down, flameout low power consumption.

3.short circuit protection.
Low voltage, short circuit, reverse connection and many other protection circuits, suitable for various models.

4. USP power input
Supporting uninterruptible Power supply input, when the bus is power off, the UPS will auto power on and supply to the mobile DVR. 

5. Reversing range assistance
the reversing Auxiliary Line can be adjust to left, right, front and back.

6. video mirror function
It can be set horizontal, vertical mirror, 180 degree auto flipping.

7. One button alarm, snapshot. 
Support pressing one button to alarm, snapshot and recording. 

8. remote wakening.
Remote wake up enables the device to work quickly.
Support upload GPS position when standby, Complies with JT/T 794 technical standard

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