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People counter using in public bus

SM-GKM to connect the use of the program on the bus


         Binocular number counter (SM-GKM) using binocular stereo vision technology and intelligent video analysis technology, applicable to a variety of channels for the number of passenger flow statistics, and to achieve a high precision (95%-98%).

        With RJ45, RS232, RS485, USB, GPIO (8+2) a variety of interface, with a variety of connection and use, this paper will mainly use the bus and connection mode description.

Noun description

SM-GKM VPC: Video People Counter, include one or two Stereo Camera.

DVR: Digital Video Recorder

GPS: Global Position System

GPRS: General Packet Radio Service

3G: 3G is the abbreviation of Generation 3rd, refers to the third generation mobile communication technology, refers to the support of high-speed data transmission of cellular mobile communication technology. Currently there are four kinds of 3G standards: CDMA2000 (mobile), WCDMA (China Unicom), TD-SCDMA (Telecom), WiMAX.

WDS: Wireless Distribution System,Wireless distributed system. By opening the WDS function in the wireless router, so that it could be extended to cover the wireless signal, larger range. WDS can make wireless AP or wireless router bridging through wireless (relay), and in the relay process does not affect the wireless coverage effect function. So we can use the two wireless devices, to establish WDS trust and communication between the wireless network, which will expand the coverage to more than double the original. 

Send date to platform’s report software thought GPS/DVR.

Sending recording thought GGM mode.


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