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school bus solution

We can then offer a WiFi upload to automatically upload the video to your servers when the bus gets back to the depot, and Student RFID cards that the child needs to scan when they get on & off the bus. These will notify you when this happens by text message, so you know where your children are at all times.
School bus solution 

1)Products including mobile monitor, car camera, LCD monitor, RFID reader, RFID watch, 3G/4G sim card, SD card, HDD. 

2)The system communication via 3G/4G.wifi with the center command office.

3)The platform including monitoring devices, GPS map positioning, streaming media, database, application server. And can be required to build a multipolar monitoring platform, the level of logical relationship according to the needs of flexible configuration, the system has good scalability. 


The system architecture

1)The monitor devices including mobile DVR, car camera monitor, and RFID reader. 

Video capture by camera, audio and video recording by mobile DVR, and local display and playback by LCD monitor, the RDID reader connect to MVR thought RS232, and send the data to center thought MVR. 

2)It transmits date to command center office via 3G/4G.

3)School bus Management is a comprehensive management of school bus operation, including teachers, classes, students information management, so that students and parents and teachers to associate.

4)School Bus schedule for driver scheduling and school route.Playback analysis software. 

5)Record the student card information

The resulting reports are: Card recording form, micro-letter notification record, absence record form

6)High-definition video real-time video, the supervisor can remote real-time visual viewing, for real-time monitoring and event analysis to provide effective evidence

7)Track tracking, query, playback

Accurate and convenient GPS location information query, real-time tracking or check the history of the school bus track.

How to install?

1)No. 1 camera: used to take video of the front road, help to improve the driver's awareness of traffic regulations and ensure safety

2)No. 2 camera, used to record students getting on and off the bus.

3)No. 3 camera, used to record the driver’s behavior

4)No. 4 camera, used to record the inner satiation of school bus.

The devices of this system:


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