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Public bus solution

Public bus solution 

1) Products including mobile monitor, car camera, panic bottom, LCD monitor, intercom headset, horn, GPS,3G/4G commutation module(TD-LTE/FDD-LTD/SCDMA/WCDMA) ect. 

2) The system communication via 3G/4G/WiFi with the center command office.

3) The platform including monitoring devices, GPS map positioning (supports Beidou navigation), streaming media, database, application server. And can be required to build a multipolar monitoring platform, the level of logical relationship according to the needs of flexible configuration, the system has good scalability. 


System architecture

The whole system including monitor devices, 3G/4 communication and command office.

1)The monitor devices including mobile DVR, car camera and monitor. 

Video capture by camera, audio and video recording by mobile DVR, and local display and playback by LCD monitor. 


2)It transmits date to command center office via 3G/4G.

3)Remote control center including signal server, video media server and CMS client software. The CMS client software is an intelligent management software with analysis function including video remote real-time preview,GPS positioning monitoring (Beidou positioning can support) ,vehicle operation Management, video and historical track data playback.


4)You can also monitor it via mobile App. In anywhere and anytime, the app. is supports Android and iOS system 

5)Playback analysis software. 

How to install the devices?



Usually we install 4 cameras in one bus. 

1)One camera is installed in the front of bus to the road and traffic signs. 

2)One camera is installed in the top ceiling beside the front door to monitor passengers getting in and the driver. 

3)One camera is installed in the top ceiling beside the back door to monitor passengers getting off

4)One camera is installed to monitor the inside compartment status.

5)One 4ch mobile DVR with GPS/3G/4G function to record video and audio, display and playback. 

Provide access to video files by channel or by time, backup video files, cut video files and other search methods, more can be retrieved according to the type of event, through the analysis of specific information in the video file, such as speed, GPS information, or to show the history of vehicle travel, according to trigger the incident search video, fast positioning video, Quickly play the user interested in video, and in the playback process can achieve video cutting, improve work efficiency.

Remote monitor

The mobile DVR upload the video through the 3G/4G or WiFi network.

It supports dual stream technology, the main stream is used for local recording, the sub stream is used for upload video data, and real monitor it thought CMS software. .

The system can also provide video audio center server storage, remote photo capture, IP voice intercom and other related visual and audio functions.

The morning system application

1) Real time tracking of the position. The mobile DVR can build in GPS module, while you can track the bus from platform in real time.  

2)Vehicle running tracking playback:

The vehicle travel recording can be playback thought the electronic map in center software, you are not going to loose the data because it has recording cache function. 


3)Panic alarm

Installing the panic button beside the driver in hidden place, when there is emergence, the drive would press the button to send alarm. 


4) Overspeed alarm 

When the bus is overspeed, the MVR will send out alarm to command center, and at same time sending alarm in bus to remind the driver. It can also set different speed thresholds for multiple sections or sections to carry out multiple section overspeed limit.


5)Fatigue Driving Alarm

When the driver's driving time will exceed the limited time, the system automatically starts the voice to remind the driver to stop and rest or change the driver, or can automatically open the video in the car, transmission data to the information center, so that the control center in time to understand whether the driver is fatigue driving.


6)Offset Route Alarm

It can set up the driving route of the vehicle, and when the vehicle is running, the vehicle will send out the alarm signal and transmit it to the monitoring center when it deviates from the set route over a certain distance.

7)Electronic fence and interest point hint function(optional)

For dangerous sections or sensitive areas can be flexible to set up, The center set the area data, the device storage it. Remind the driver or the monitoring center when engering and exiting such as station, rest station, dangerous and accident-prone section. 


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