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  • HDD mobile DVR features
    1. It supports SSD (solid state disk).

    2. It has driver fatigue alarm function. 

    3. It support mirror image setting. 

    4. It has park line setting. 

    5. It has short power protection, power off delay function. 

    If you want to know more about the menu, please check video on link 

  • MVR device FAQ
    MVR device FAQ:
    Q: ACC mode startup is in ignition, but the device cannot start?
    A: ACC ignition system can start only if the hard drive is locked.
    Q:SD card cannot be formatted
    A: When the SD card capacity is less than 4G, it can’t be formatted
        If you didn't locked well the front panel, it also can't be formatted. 
    Q: External mobile hard disk or U disk video backup is not available?
    A: it can’t be back up videos when the mobile hard disk or U disk file system format is NTFS.
    Q: Why does not the MVR shut down immediately after the flame out?
    A: There is a “ACC delay” setting in the “System Parameter”, it is default to 30 minutes, that means the system will shut down 30 minutes after the flame signal; if you want to shut down the system immediately, you can set the "ACC delay" time to 0.
    Q: Why the video is black and white, and splash?
    A: Please make sure you select the right camera mode in the "System Parameter"
    Q:3G cannot dial online
    A: Check the signal value in the network state and see if the antenna is connected well.
    Q: Cannot connect with server
    A: Check the bus plate number in the “bus info” and the server center in the “Ethernet”, to see if they are match with the server.
    Q:3G dial online,but server is offline:
    1)Checking if the SIM is out of service;
    2) Whether the server is running well;
    3) the bus plate number in the MVR setting must be the same as in the server setting.(including uppercase &lowercase letter, spaces between numbers or before & after)whether server IP in the MVR setting is the same as the serve IP on the computer setting.
    Q: GPS cannot be located?
    A: Open the GPS info in the “Overlay Settings”,whether to display latitude and longitude., and check if the antenna wire is connected well and the antenna got be put outdoor.
    Q: The time displays abnormal
    A: the battery has been removed when shipping by air. please re-install the battery and reset the time accordingly.
    PC Client
    Q: When the MVR is online, after you double-click it to preview, there are no images on the screen.
    A: Maybe the 3G network transmission flow is small now. Please check the 3G signal status in the MVR setting(Maximum signal is 31,minimum signal is 1,if it shows 99, that means there is no 3g signal).
    Q: GPS offset or it display the wrong location
    A: Normally the offset is only 10 meters,or sometimes 200 meters,both are ok. But if the offset is more than 500 meters, you can check the PC Client if the “Whether to convert GPS data” is enabled;this option is for China Mainland enable only, otherwise, do not check it out.
    Q: The map is blank in the PC Client
    A: It may be caused by the computer's browser, please open web map in the installed directory “MAP” by “IE” default.
    Q: The preview image shows up too slow.
    1.network delay,normally open the preview screen in 3-8 seconds. 
    2.maybe the MVR’s 3G signal is too weak, the signal is normally 25-31.
    Q: Recording files cannot be searched.
    1)Check if the search time is within the scope of the video file.
    2)Check if there are video files in the device.
    3)Check if there are bad sectors in HDD/SD card or files damaged.
    Q: Map location is offset.
    A: Do not enable the “whether to convert GPS data” if the device is out of China mainland.
    Q: Player map shows blank
    1)to confirm whether the PC is connected to the WAN. 
    2) Maybe caused by the computer's browser, please open web map in the install directory “MAP” by “IE” default. 

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